In recent years, Itagres has continually been investing in the expansion of its activities and in integrating sustainability as a business strategy. It is easy to notice this while walking around the whole factory, which now has an ecological park for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest, and already has more than 1200 cataloged native seedlings.

The Ecologic Park

The company's plans are the creation of a Birds Observation Point and Research Center. The direct participation of employees in the maintenance of the park is part of the awareness and integration around a sustainable objective, which expands to coexistence in the workplace.

The concept of Circular Economy consolidated in our operations as we innovate by reducing the use of natural resources in product design and packaging and sustainable design. Examples are the water closed loop system used in the finishing of porcelains and waste redirection of manufacturing operations, as raw material for other companies.
Care for nature is constant and daily. With conscious disposal, all recyclable materials - such as paper, metal, plastic- is separated and sold, preventing return to nature and generating revenue for the company. Yet the no recyclables are sent to the legal responsible for the proper disposal of each material.

In the plan sustainability, we have expanded the possibilities of avoiding risks and damage to nature, reducing our environmental impact and increasing our positive impact on society.